OBE is a showcase for near-death experiences, telepathy, re-incarnation and other metaphysical topics.

O.B.E. - the out-of-body experience, is a proposed streaming TV series that combines expert commentary, interviews and 3D re-creations to explore the scientific, moral, and spiritual aspects of OBE's as well as a host of other paranormal phenomena, Created by OBE explorer and host, Jonathan Womack, the pilot episode centers on Jonathan's initial OBE in the fall of 1965. 3D sets were modeled loosely on Jonathan's neighborhood and his home town of Warsaw, Indiana to portray the various scenes, Jonathan narrates the harrowing encounter that triggered his metamorphosis and follows up with keen insights as to the nature of our existence, life before and after death, spirit guides, and the Home of Souls.

The pilot episode  as well as episode 1 are in production. In episode 1, Jonathan introduces us to a mother who lost her 19 year old daughter to cancer. The mother contacted a psychic in hopes of communicating with her departed daughter and both the mother and the physhic are interviewed. Dr. James Tucker, Head of Reincarnation Research Department at the University of Virginia, is the scheduled guest comentator. Episode 3 is plotted and will highlight two of Jonathan's harrowing OBE's in which he responds to paranormal distress calls.


OBE is a weekly non-fiction television series exploring metaphysical phenomena such as out-of-body experiences, reincarnation, and life after death. OBE presents paranormal case studies and discussion in a 50-minute commercial format similar to the popular series, Ancient Aliens. OBE offers testimony from witnesses as well as commentary from prominent scientist, researchers, mediums, radio hosts and leaders in the field of metaphysical study to explore the mysteries of life and beyond. OBE delves into the heart of the human psyche by asking deep-seated questions such as why am I here and what is my purpose? Will I survive physical death? Are my departed loved ones waiting for me on the other side?

OBE encompasses a wide range of topics with ample content for ongoing seasonal episodes. Topics include astral projection, OBE’s, hyper-dimensional physics, poltergeists, foreknowledge, remote viewing, guardian angels, mediums, telekinesis, ghosts and apparitions, the zodiac, chakras, the Bible, historical spiritual leaders, haunted places, Chi and auras, heaven and hell, Mars, tarot cards, zombies, time travel, djinn, space travel, past-life regression, reincarnation, the third eye, and lucid dreaming.

Proposed Talent/Contributors

Joe McMoneagle - Remote Viewer, instructor, Monroe Institute.

*Richard C. Hoagland - Best Selling Author, CBS News Science Advisor and Torsion Physics pioneer.

David Wilcock - Aware-Age Author, lecturer, filmmaker, researcher, producer of the film, “Convergence”.

Frederick Holmes "Skip" Atwater, The Stargate Project, code name for a U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

*Linda Moulton Howe - UFO Researcher, TV producer, speaker and author.

*Jonathan Womack - Award winning author and OBE expert.

Maria Monroe Whitehead - Monroe Institute.

*Dr. Jim Tucker - Head of Reincarnation Research Department at University of Virginia, successor of Dr. Ian Stevenson.

William Buhlman - Author and OBE Expert.

*David Hatcher Childress - researcher and star of “Ancient Aliens”.

*Dr. Robin Falkov - Doctor of oriental medicine and radio host.

*Deborah Hanlon - Intuitive Medium.

*Mary Lia - Author of “Between Two Worlds”.

*Stacy McArdle - Author, “Rock & Roll Ghost Stories”.

*Elizabeth Egan-Cox - Author, “Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Free Internet Sources”.

Robert Bruce - Author and Psychic.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley - author of “The Djinn Connection”.

*John B. Wells - Radio Host/Voice Artist/Announcer

*Have expressed interest in appearing on the show as of March, 2018.